Sr. Management:

Ron Prosser CEO
CEO of Prosser Development Co providing consulting services to companies in the solar and smart energy storage market. Serves as; Board Member of Sepi Solar LLC; and University of Washington School of Engineering Advisory Board Member. Prosser founded Green Charge Networks (GCN), formerly known as The Prosser Group following early-retirement from Boeing in 2007 and served as CEO until sale of the company in 2013. GCN develops intelligent energy storage systems for use by utilities on the grid and energy storage systems used by commercial companies in leveling electrical loads and reducing demand charges.
Customers included Con Ed of NY, SCE, California Energy Commission, 7-11, Avis, CVS, Hilton Hotels, AAA, Eaton and others. Prior to forming Green Charge Networks Prosser held positions of; President of Boeing Services Co. with annual revenues of $1B; VP of Boeing Advanced Systems having 3,000 employees; President, Boeing Commercial Information Company; and served on Boeing’s Strategic Planning Council. Previously Prosser worked for Rockwell Space Systems Division in Houston having successive assignments of; Site Director for Rockwell’s Houston Operations (responsible for Space Shuttle Engineering, White Sands Propulsion Test Facility, and Colorado Springs GPS Operations); and Mission Control Center Director of Operations at the Johnson Space Center; Program Manager for the Space Station Operations Contract responsible for on orbit assembly and operations. Previously Prosser was an executive for Rockwell Energy Systems.